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Many businesses take a reactive stance when it comes to paying taxes. Attention to filing returns only occurs as tax deadlines approach. That’s okay – if you want to pay unnecessary tax costs and miss powerful opportunities to improve your business.
Frost takes a proactive approach to tax compliance and tax planning to minimize tax costs while increasing efficiency during every step of the process. We assist you in planning the organizational structures needed to minimize your tax burden. We research and consult with you about the best options for your company concerning federal, multi-state and local income, sales, use or property tax issues. We provide the experience and firepower required to represent you during tax examinations and controversies before federal and state authorities including the U.S. Tax Court. We offer more than federal compliance services as we can prepare your returns for filing in all 50 states and numerous local jurisdictions.
Tax issues involved in the purchase, sale, or merger of your business can be complex. But they don’t have to be complex to you – if you lean on the wealth of experience that Frost has to offer. We are your trusted advisor in these situations, as well as in the formation of joint ventures for strategic business alliances.
Frost tax clients can access their records directly via: Link to Client Portal.