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International Tax

For clients that have operations outside of the U.S., our focus is global tax minimization for international business. We construct a tax plan considering the way an organization does business, from mobile income strategies, to basics of tax treaties, to transfer pricing, to export tax incentives. And through our independent membership with BDO Alliance USA, our reach extends to experts for local advice in just about every country throughout the globe.
Our international tax services include:

  • Planning with regards to the repatriation of profits, and determining the most tax efficient way of doing so.
  • Calculating available foreign tax credits, and maximizing the utilization of unused credits.
  • Advising on the US rules regarding Controlled Foreign Corporations, subpart F income, Passive Foreign Investment Companies and similar rules for flow-through entities.
  • Complying with applicable US reporting requirements.
  • Representing multinational clients before IRS and state and local taxing jurisdictions in tax audits.
  • Performing transfer pricing studies and transfer pricing analyses in order to comply with U.S. or foreign tax requirements.